Mar 12, 2010

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Food Inc; Check it out!!

Because I feel so passionate about what you eat I am posting some clips from Food Inc.  It will change the way that you look at fast food and some of the food in the store.

This is the trailer:

Their solution to the ecoli problem scary!!!:

I highly encourage people to take the time to review this movie.  It was stated in this movie that we can make a difference.  You will see in the movie that even Walmart is now carrying some organics because more people are demanding it.  We can make the difference!!  Enjoy!!

  1. Larissa Hommes says:

    It is sad what has happened with the quality of our food over the years, and unfortunately it is just getting worse. It is kind of scary that you never know what kind of food you are really getting when you go to the grocery store.

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