My name is Jc Carrillo, I’m 25 years old and for a great majority of my life I was morbidly obese. Towering at 410 lbs, I suffered from hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, lack of energy, and from terrible self esteem and emotional issues. Having met Michelle, my life was blessed  she taught me the core foundation to not only lose the weight, but keep it off. I credit Michelle for having taught me that life is all about balance. I follow Michelle’s 80/20 principle. 80 percent of the time I eat clean and healthy and the other 20 percent I spend indulging in and satisfying my cravings.  Through a combination of diet and exercise and following Michelle’s strategies, I have cure all of my medical ailments and lose over 220 pounds and over 50% body fat. Thank you Michelle. My life has finally begun!

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Body Earned Testimonials

Here are some of people who have done the Body Earned program.

 Kimberly B
 As a teenager I was always very concerned about my body … I never felt thin enough and despised my backside.  After graduating high school this “concern” turned into an obsession and throughout my college years I starved myself to be thin.  My weight yo-yo’d up and down about 15 pounds, and my eating habits were of the philosophy of “all or nothing”.  As my marriage was out of control, I found some sort of comfort in controlling how I looked .. and I went on a very restrictive eating plan.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I survived on pots of coffee and about 300 calories a day .. eventually weighing 85 lbs at 5’2″.  I thought I looked fabulous, but everyone else around me thought I looked ill.  Looking back at pictures, I have to agree with them.  I went through a divorce, and with that came even more stress.  I soon turned to another extreme form of dieting .. starving all day then binging at night and then throwing up.  This continued for a couple years and I was always unhappy with how I looked in the mirror as the binging caused me to gain weight.  I still had too much in my backside and my skin looked terrible.  I always looked tired and had zero energy.  About six months ago I ran across a program that offered a nutritional plan and an exercise regimen to go along with it.  I was so excited and dove into it, only to soon be discouraged with my weekend binges and lack of results.  I was so discouraged and felt like I would NEVER get control of my eating.  The thought of food was so stressful to me .. I would agonize over the smallest calorie but then go on a huge binge .. and then feel so guilty and awful about myself.
Two months ago, I discovered Michelle LeSueur’s Body Earned Program.  At first I thought I was just signing up for another “diet plan”, but I was in for a big surprise.  My eating issue was not going to get solved by another program .. I was going to have to do some work mentally to get healthy.  I had no idea how much negative stress I was putting on my mind and body.  Michelle gave daily inspirational thoughts and challenges which kept me on track.  I was able to focus on POSITIVE changes, instead of standing in front of mirror looking for negative things.  With the help of James Wilson’s exercise program which piggybacked with Michelle’s nutritional program,  I am finally seeing changes in my body, skin, and most importantly self-image.  I feel strong and in control.  I am learning to love my curves and work with my body, not against it.  I no longer have the urge to binge when I am feeling alone or stressed, instead I turn to encouraging others and spreading more positive energy.  I can’t thank Michelle or James enough for taking so much time to write these programs and answer all the questions that are asked.  It is very clear they have a passion for health and fitness and want to see every succeed in their journey.  I highly recommend this program for anyone .. it has definitely changed my life and it can change yours!
Kelly F 
 “This program has provided for me new knowledge on living a healthier lifestyle that can be done the rest of my life.  There are no gimmicks or tricks.  This healthy lifestyle is straight forward and easy to understand.  It is applicable to almost any hectic schedule.  Get living.  Live the Clean Healthy Way to Get the Body You Want.”
Kimberly S
For the past 3 years I have been fighting my body to lose weight.  I had tried all different kinds of fad diets, weight loss pills, you name it and I would lose a few pounds and then gain them back.  I found the Body Earned Lifestyle Program on Facebook and signed up, what did I have to lose, weight?  With guidance from Michelle LeSueur and working out 4-5 days a week I have lost 6 pounds and kept them off.  I did not find the eating plan hard to follow, the items hard to find, it was not time consuming and I could live a “normal” life while successfully following the plan.  I will continue this as a lifestyle because I have so much more energy and a more positive outlook now.  I have attached a photo with my before and after photos so you can see the changes my body have taken.Thank you Michelle!
Gale M
Body Earned is the last “diet” you’ll ever need!  It is a stress-free way to lose weight and eat healthy without any gimmicks.  I love how Michelle doesn’t encourage calorie counting or figuring out macros.  She gives you tasty recipe ideas that are easy and inexpensive to fix!  I love the Only Protein she recommends for “snacks” to make it easy when you can’t fix something.  It’s the best protein on the market!  Perfect for a busy mom or someone that works outside the home!  Natural supplements are suggested for those needing them.  They are easily obtainable online or at your local health food store.  She gives suggestions on exercise, or you can couple this food plan with James Wilson’s workouts for even more rapid results.  She gives full support in a Facebook group she created. Michelle also addresses the emotional issues that are really what is behind being unhealthy or overweight. You are not alone, and she comes online frequently to answer any questions or concerns.  She is extremely giving and caring, and gives you daily affirmations that help you obtain your goal, whether it be losing 50 pounds or 5!  You will not find any better “diet” for such a good price!  The support and information she gives you are worth way more than the small amount for the program.  I would suggest this plan over any other plan I have seen or studied (and I’ve seen them all at age 55!).   I am sure once you try her diet, you will want to eat this way forever.   I am proud of the body I have earned through “Body Earned”!  I have learned so much from Michelle!
Lourdes A
I just completed the 60 day challenge.  I lost a total of 13 lbs. For a 43 year old woman, I think it is pretty good.  I ate as much as I
wanted of raw vegetables. Sometimes I felt as if I overate raw veggies since I would eat a 1 lb bag of baby carrots as part of my breakfast also, not to mention the 1 lb of cabbage for the afternoon.  The thing is I kept on loosing consistently as Michelle said.  I used the Only Protein just as my last meal option and I tried to eat “real foods” during the whole day.  I felt energized and happy during the process! I would remommend this program to anyone that wants real long lasting results!!!!  Thanks Michelle!
Pat C
The program Michelle has set up is a fantastic, educating, life changing model for losing weight and living a healthy life with food.  She makes it so easy, because she integrates mind and body on a daily basis in her FB posts, and the group environment offers all kinds of accountability and support.  One thing in losing weight is trusting that you will get the outcome you desire, and that comes by trusting yourself and the creator of the diet.  Michelle facilitates all of this and more.  I can’t say enough about following this 60 day program for healthy weight loss and a better life!  Change anything you want J to make it flow better or work better for you. Thanks, Michelle.
Becky D
So I hav e been following this lifestyle of clean eating since Jan 3rd 2012 and feel great.  I have lost 17 pounds from changing my eating habits.  The scale has been stuck for 3 months.  I worked out on occasion but not serious until I started a boot camp 3 weeks ago!  I have seen so many changes in my body.  Muscles popping out all over.  Fitting into smaller pants and finally my scale has shifted to the left.  Just wanted to share my little success.  I believe now in order to see results, I defiantly need to keep eating this clean lifestyle AND work out hard. BOOM!
Kim F
I started my fitness journey August 2011 not to look great for Summer but to challenge myself that I could do anything I want if I put my mind to it. In the course of that journey I met Michelle. In January 2012, I wanted to do her program and the second part of my journey began. You see, we do things for different reasons and for different results. In doing the body-earned program Michelle didn’t only focus on how the body looks on the outside but also what’s happening on the inside. I was working on my body to help deal with what was going on inside of me the best I knew how. Michelle has taught me to love my body again inside and out. The power of positive affirmations. You can be the most beautiful, amazing person with a great body but you’ll never see it if you don’t believe it. It’s the mind body connection that’s the missing link. The link between the body you yearn and the one you earn that Michelle has restored for me through her program. So I will encourage everyone to do this program, you will come out a better person from it. Better body, better body image and from someone who truly cares about what is going on inside as well as on the outside. Michelle from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of this program. Thank you for helping me to come out of the shell and to appreciate the body I am earning. BOOM!
Vicki M
Just wanted to share how much I love this page!! I started this new lifestyle on January 1St and have not looked back!! I feel very healthy and have tons of energy! I never feel deprived. I am almost 49 and I think my new nad improved self is better than ever! In fact, I got a new bathing suit and my 22 year said I could not wear it around her because I look better thaan she does! Now, I know this is not true but it did make me feel good! Thank you, Michelle LeSeuer, for all that you do!!