Egg White Muffins

Egg White Muffins

My friend Melinda gave this one to me.  I have added some variations as I have played with this one.  I also will add 2 yokes when I make this because there are so many nutrients in the yokes.

Egg White Muffins

16 Egg Whites or 16 oz of egg whites, veggies of your choice (I used spinach, green beans & broccoli), herbs (1 tea. oregano, 1 tea.rosemary,  1 tea. basil), pepper to taste, 1T garlic, mix all together and pour in Muffin pan. Bake at 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.  Top with dollop of fat free Greek yogurt and/or hot sauce or Pico de Gallo.

Another variation- Use asparagus and for seasonings use 1 T dill, garlic with parsley to taste and  1 T. Mrs. Dash with garlic.

Another variation- For vegetables use Pico De Gallo and use 1 T. Mrs. Dash with garlic and add some extra garlic and a 1 T. Mexican seasoning.

Another variation- Instead of vegetables add 1 grated apple, 1 T. cinnamon, 1 T. Xylitol and 2 T. Flax seeds that have been freshly ground up.  This is like a desert.  You will love it.

Serving size is 2

Calories- 50, Protein- 9, Carbs-3

Makes about 12 muffins