Aug 2, 2010

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How to Stay Motivated so You Reach Your Goals

How to Stay Motivated so You Reach Your Goals

How to Stay Motivated so You Reach Your Goals

A young mother recently asked me on Facebook, how I stay motivated to exercise and eat well.  Well, it isn’t easy at all.  I wish I could say it was! The truth is I have days just like everyone else where I am not as motivated as I am on other days. I am fortunate to have married a man that always exercises, no matter what, with will power that if there were a way to market it, I would be a millionaire.  I have to say this does help.  If he were asking me if I wanted ice cream and other goodies, I probably wouldn’t be in the shape I am. If you are trying to eat better and exercise regularly it is a good idea to make it a family affair.

As I stated in my book “Willing to Change, Can You Beat Genetics,” people look at me and think I can eat whatever I want.  That is so far from the truth.  I grew up in a home where we had the worst eating habits and we ate huge portions of food.  I have struggled with portions for many years and if my weight starts to creep up, it usually comes back to portions.  In my travels and talking to thousands of people, there are only a few people that get to eat what they want and look great.  But, some people make it look so easy.

There are two things that will get you almost anything you want. Motivation and Determination.  These two things are extremely powerful.  When you are truly motivated and have determination, getting out of bed in the morning seems to be easier.  When you are offered a piece of cake or some other fattening food, it gives you the power to say no and passing up fries doesn’t phase you.  When you are motivated and determined, that intense workout invigorates you and you will find yourself pushing harder and harder.  The real motivation is when you look in the mirror and see the results of your hard work and good choices.  The question is, are you motivated and determined and if not; how do get motivated?

Set a goal:

Find a goal that inspires you and gives you the strength to do all of the above.  Define your WHY!!!  Why do you want to get in shape?  To be healthier, have more energy, for an event (like a reunion or vacation).  It may be as simple as attracting someone into your life. You need to be very specific in defining your WHY.


Write it down:

I literally just read this today. Statistics show that people who write down their goals have over 80% higher success rate of achieving them. Make sure they specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and time-limited.  For example, you want to lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks and you would put how you plan to do this.  By writing things down, you put them into motion on an energetic level.  I am a firm believer in journaling. It creates accountability.  I recommend this with both your exercise and your nutrition.  That way you can go back and see what worked for you and what didn’t.


Makes sure you take time each morning and each night, as well as when you exercise to visualize what you want to look like.  If you have an old picture of your self that you like, you can also use that.  If not, find a picture of what you would like to look like and place it in several places, the fridge being a great place, to motivate you to stay on track.

Make a plan:

You need to plan how you are going to accomplish your goal.  If you don’t make a plan, you will plan to fail.  It is essential to find a program you can stick with.  It can be as simple as cutting portions and eliminating things [such as soda] that are contributing to your weight.  If you are ready for a more aggressive program, you might think about my Body Earned program.  You might also think of finding a good personal trainer that can help you with your workouts and push you.


Have a support system:

Make sure that you have a support system.  Share with family and friends your new goals and help them to understand how important they are to you.  When those weak moments come (and they will), have people around you that will help you remember your goals. This will help you to stay on track.  If you find that some of your friends are not so supportive, you may have to find new people to associate with that are more supportive.  Unfortunately, some friends have a problem when others loose weight. They are not very happy because it is a reminder that they are not where they need to be.  So be prepared! You may need to find a new circle of friends.