Michelle LeSueur, BEP, CNC, CSN, CPT

Michelle LeSueur is an Energetic Practitioner (BeP) and is highly educated in energetic testing. (EAV biofeedback technology) She spent three years educating and training on the use of energetic equipment. She is a Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC); Certified Sports Nutrition (CSN), Certified Nutritional Specialist (CNS), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), DSHEA certified (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act), Formulator, has a Neuro-Endocrine & Anti-Aging Regulation Certification  (N.E.A.R), certified in Biological Terrain Management (BTM), holds a level II Reiki, 3 years nutritional counseling in a bariatric clinic, and has owned and operated a successful health food store.

Michelle has written for Max Muscle magazine, Oxygen Australia and is the author of “Willing to Change! Can you beat genetics?” She has served as Vice president of Health and Nutrition, Director of Health and Nutrition and Director of Product Education and Development responsible for educating, formulating and manufacturing products for companies. She has given weekly educational calls and traveled the US and other countries, speaking in front of large groups, educating and training people about those products.

Michelle’s primary motivation throughout her life has been an enduring and sincere desire to help others improve their health and feel better about themselves. Tragic family health issues greatly influenced her life. She knew that because of her genetic makeup she had to address potentially serious health issues early on in her life. She needed to implement a plan designed specifically for her body and do everything possible to avoid poor diets and lifestyles that greatly contributed to her family’s health issues. She discovered nutrients that helped reduce or eliminate some of the symptoms her family had experienced. Being in shape has never been easy for Michelle and she understands the hard work, metal attitude and nutrition necessary to get the body you want.

Michelle is a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 7. Having a late in life baby, she found it difficult in her 40’s, to get back the figure she had worked so hard for. Coming from an obese family, as well as Crohn’s and cancer, didn’t make it any easier. Michelle has overcome great odds in achieving superb health. Her motto has always been, “There is always a price to pay to look good and feel great. You will always get the body you earn.”


Dr. C. Gordon LeSueur II, D.C., B.S.

Dr. Gordon (that’s what we call him) is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas as well as UVSC in Orem, Utah. He served a LDS mission in Southern California. He has been married to his sweetheart for 8 years and they have two beautiful children. Over the years he has attained much experience and diverse exposure to all facets of chiropractic by working with patients that need physical therapy and being in clinics with vast majority of healing modalities. He now utilizes some of the latest innovations in the health and wellness industry. Corner Canyon Health and Wellness of Draper, Utah offers allergy testing, parasite treatment, detox purification system, weight loss/craving management, acupressure, EMS, whole body vibration, deep tissue release and lymphatic drainage to name a few.


I grew up in Southern California with a health conscious father. My dad worked out everyday of his life and always ate the healthiest foods possible. He grew up in a home where taking care of your body and eating right was very important. My mom on the other hand, grew up in a home where her parents had one of the worst diets you could imagine and topped it off with sodas, cigarettes and alcohol. Luckily she married my Dad who taught her the importance of eating right and the benefits it would have on her later on down the road. Her parents and siblings all struggle with major health issues that she has avoided completely leaving her free to travel the world educating people on the importance of good nutrition. So, all of my life I was taught the importance of taking care of my body and eating proper foods. I did not always follow my parent’s example as a kid, but as I got older I became more educated about health and wellness.

Growing up, I always loved anatomy and I knew I wanted to do something that would help people. I graduated high school at the age of 15 and started college on a path to become an Anesthesiologist. During my freshman year of English I had to write a research paper on anesthesiology. As I started to learn more about the limited scope of practice that an Anesthesiologist has, I decided that was not for me. At the time, my mother was working for a close friend of the family that was a Chiropractor.  As I spent time in his office, I saw patients come in that were either in pain, or suffering from some kind of illness. As he worked with these patients, I was able to see them return to better health and most of them were better off than before they were injured or sick. He was able to get people better without the harmful use of drugs or surgery, and these patients were able to return to a normal healthier life. Seeing the difference this doctor made in people’s lives had a huge impact on me. I wanted to be treated to see if chiropractic was really as beneficial as this doctor said it was. He started treating me and pointed out to me problems with my posture. As he began treating me, I noticed a great difference in not only my posture but also how I felt. I was impressed by the fact that I was not getting sick as often as I use to, and as often as the people around me were.

It was then that I realized the importance of taking care of my body so I could prevent all the health problems my mother’s family has gone through. As I spent time in the office, I learned the importance of receiving chiropractic care on a regular basis and that by receiving chiropractic care you could prevent the majority of disease in the world today! I was also able to see people that were in pain and sick, like my mom’s family, return to a better quality of life with a better understanding of how to care for their body. For the next year, I was this doctor’s shadow. I wanted to learn everything I could about chiropractic. So from the time I was 16, I began my path of becoming a Chiropractor and have loved every step of the way!